Lego SW911612 – Acklay

Blue Ocean is currently bundling two of their previous magazine issues for the price of one. A bargain I here you say, but there is a catch: The bundle is sold as a blindbag and you can only identify its contents once you’ve purchased it.

I had a go for one of the bundles and was lucky enough to get a missing set from my collection: Star Wars Magazine 12 released June 2016 with SW911612 Acklay.

In case you want to refresh your memory on Acklays, I recommend the Star Wars Databank article.

The build is straight-forward and includes quite some repetition (as all six legs are built exactly the same). However the end-result seems to be a good fit for the source material. Given its six legs the Acklay is really posable and my daughter immediately put it into a swimming position.


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