Lego 31035 – Beach Hut

One of my favorite Lego themes is the Creator line. Its colorful, simple yet playfully detailed and usually even comes with official alternate builds.

A particular strong subset are the Creator houses. While I’m still undecided about the Creator Modular line introduced in 2017, I have collected most of the Creator houses since 2014.

31035 Beach Hut is a perfect example for such a great Creator house.

The build is quite simple, but enjoyable. The most interesting bits are the micro-builds. As an example the bird only consists of a couple of parts, but uses them to great effect.

The interior is a bit scarce (especially when compared to the Creator Export Modular Buildings line). As this is a small set that is focused on play- rather than display-value, I’m perfectly fine with the result. Less interior also means more room to put your minifigs for role-play.

For easier storage the house closes. I love how Lego managed to build the scenery in a way that it looks spot on in both configurations (opened and closed).


I first built 31035 Beach Hut in 2016 and was very impressed with it. Two years later its still one of my favorite sets and I would recommend it without hesitation. In 2017 Lego produced a successor in 31063 Beachside Vacation, but I still prefer the old set.


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