Lego 40268 – R3-M2

The gift with purchase program is one of the reasons why I like to shop at These gifts vary from exclusive minifigures to proper sets like the recent 40290 60 Years of the LEGO Brick.

I usually keep a couple of items on my wishlist, so I can purchase them later, when an interesting promotion comes along.

In May of 2017 Lego gave away¬†40268 R3-M2. While this particular promotion wasn’t the reason for my purchase I still ended up with my own little astromech droid.

When heading for breakfast I asked all family members to choose a polybag from my collection and my wife went for R3-M2. Star Wars is an odd choice for my wife, but it seems that those astromechs fall into the cute category.

The build is easy and the stand instantly reminded my wife of a roll-up display.

R3-M2 uses a lot of earthy colors that contrast nicely with the high-tech look of the translucent dome. I actually prefer Legos rendition of this astromech to the source material.



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