Lego SW911831 – Kylo Ren’s Shuttle

Lego Star Wars Magazine is arguably one of the cheapest ways to purchase a Lego Star Wars set. While the other Lego Magazines are focused on limited edition minifigures the Star Wars series offers an excellent range of microscale vehicles with the occasional minifigure thrown in to mix things up.

Lego Star Wars Magazine 31 was released January 2018 and comes with SW911831 Kylo Ren’s Shuttle.

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Lego 40187 – Flower Display

While plants are part of nearly every city scene, large scale brick-built flowers are rather rare. So I was rather pleased to see that this year Lego is presenting us with two such sets 40187 Flower Display and 30404 Friendship Flower.

40187 Flower Display is part of this years Valentine’s Day Seasonal lineup. I ordered it right away along with 40270 Valentine’s Bee when they became available early this year. A wise decision as Lego is out of stock for both sets already.

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