Lego Juniors – Cars 3

Lego has dedicated a Juniors and Duplo line to last years Cars 3 movie. While both themes are not exactly the first choice for AFOLs, I still thought that the small Junior sets looked like a lot of fun.

When the movie was released, I decided that it was time for my daughters first cinema visit. We properly enjoyed ourselves (Popcorn and all) and right after the movie bought 10730 Lightning McQueen Speed Launcher.

Soon after 10731 Cruz Ramirez Race Simulator and 10732 Guido and Luigi’s Pit Stop followed. Much to my daughters delight I finally completed her collection with 10733 Mater’s Junkyard this week. A perfect opportunity then to take a look at the whole range of our Cars 3 sets.

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Lego 75880 – McLaren 720S

Lego has a long history of cars in all sizes. Through the years they introduced several themes dedicated to cars resulting in the current Speed Champions lineup.

I’m a big fan of vehicles in general and sports cars in particular. So its no wonder, that I own most of the Speed Champions sets produced to date. My personal preferences aside, I still think Lego is doing a lot of things right with the Speed Champions range. Most sets are small, reasonably priced (given license fees) and will appeal to children and adults alike.

Lets have a look at 75880 McLaren 720S, one of last years sets, which comes with a minifigure and a designers desk.

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Lego CITY951805 – Police Buggy

Lego City Magazine is a convenient way to extend your city with corresponding minifigures and accessories. The Magazine Gifts usually include a minifigure plus an extra. It started off in 2017 with very common themes (police, construction, …). 2018 seems to bring a welcome change in moving to current special themes.

Lego City Magazine 5 was released January 2018 and comes with CITY951805 – Police Buggy introducing us to the Mountain Police line.

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