Lego 40268 – R3-M2

The gift with purchase program is one of the reasons why I like to shop at These gifts vary from exclusive minifigures to proper sets like the recent 40290 60 Years of the LEGO Brick.

I usually keep a couple of items on my wishlist, so I can purchase them later, when an interesting promotion comes along.

In May of 2017 Lego gave away 40268 R3-M2. While this particular promotion wasn’t the reason for my purchase I still ended up with my own little astromech droid. Continue reading “Lego 40268 – R3-M2”

Lego Juniors – Cars 3

Lego has dedicated a Juniors and Duplo line to last years Cars 3 movie. While both themes are not exactly the first choice for AFOLs, I still thought that the small Junior sets looked like a lot of fun.

When the movie was released, I decided that it was time for my daughters first cinema visit. We properly enjoyed ourselves (Popcorn and all) and right after the movie bought 10730 Lightning McQueen Speed Launcher.

Soon after 10731 Cruz Ramirez Race Simulator and 10732 Guido and Luigi’s Pit Stop followed. Much to my daughters delight I finally completed her collection with 10733 Mater’s Junkyard this week. A perfect opportunity then to take a look at the whole range of our Cars 3 sets.

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Lego SW911618 – Flash Speeder

As discussed in my previous post Blue Ocean is currently selling off their old issues. While I didn’t own the first issue of my surprise bundle, I already owned the other issue. Since I haven’t come around building it the second copy is my welcome excuse to do so.

So without further ado lets have a look at Star Wars Magazine 18 released December 2016 accompanied by SW911618 Flash Speeder.

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Lego SW911612 – Acklay

Blue Ocean is currently bundling two of their previous magazine issues for the price of one. A bargain I here you say, but there is a catch: The bundle is sold as a blindbag and you can only identify its contents once you’ve purchased it.

I had a go for one of the bundles and was lucky enough to get a missing set from my collection: Star Wars Magazine 12 released June 2016 with SW911612 Acklay.

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Lego 30449 – The Milano

Lego sets based on movies are often released prior to their respective movie. This usually means that I give them a pass and only after watching the movie develop an interest into some of them. However I liked all Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 sets right away and even watching the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie didn’t change that.

While visiting London this summer I was able to pick up the smallest set 30449 The Milano in the Lego Flagship Store on Leicester Square. While Guardians of the Galaxy fans will appreciate the vessel for its major role in both movies, I believe its a really nice spaceship in its own right.

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Lego SW911831 – Kylo Ren’s Shuttle

Lego Star Wars Magazine is arguably one of the cheapest ways to purchase a Lego Star Wars set. While the other Lego Magazines are focused on limited edition minifigures the Star Wars series offers an excellent range of microscale vehicles with the occasional minifigure thrown in to mix things up.

Lego Star Wars Magazine 31 was released January 2018 and comes with SW911831 Kylo Ren’s Shuttle.

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