Lego 40268 – R3-M2

The gift with purchase program is one of the reasons why I like to shop at These gifts vary from exclusive minifigures to proper sets like the recent 40290 60 Years of the LEGO Brick.

I usually keep a couple of items on my wishlist, so I can purchase them later, when an interesting promotion comes along.

In May of 2017 Lego gave away 40268 R3-M2. While this particular promotion wasn’t the reason for my purchase I still ended up with my own little astromech droid. Continue reading “Lego 40268 – R3-M2”

Lego 30522 – Batman in the Phantom Zone

Last year Lego released The Lego Batman Movie and with it came a couple of excellent sets. I like how Lego portraits the dark knight with a lot of irony and the suitable outrageous The Lego Batman Movie designs.

Leading up to the start of the movie Lego released a couple of nice polybags. 30522 Batman in the Phantom Zone is centered around Batmans journey to the Phantom Zone.

Continue reading “Lego 30522 – Batman in the Phantom Zone”