Lego ToysRUs Millenium Falcon

Like every year we see several Star Wars themed events for “May the 4th”. One of those promotions is a ToysRUs event with different challenges for a chance to win some Star Wars toys.

ToysRUs events usually feature a building event where you can build (and later take home with you) a small Lego modell. For this years event a Millennium Falcon was announced and I was curious to see if it would be the one featured in the new Solo movie.

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Legoland Pirate Island Arrr

Finding a present for any enthusiast is hard. Its more than likely that you end up buying something they already have (at least you got their taste right) or something they don’t want.

AFOLs like me are no different in that regard and so my friends and family usually give me something unrelated.

However this year my wife gave me a family weekend at the brand new Legoland Pirate Island for my birthday. I would say that two days of Legoland Germany and a night in their pirates themed hotel is right on target!

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Lego 31081 – Modular Skate House

Last year Lego introduced the Creator Modular line. It seems like the concept was well received as all Creator houses are modular in the current Lego catalogue (2018 January – June).

While I’m not entirely convinced about the building technique, most of the houses look great.

When my daughter had to stay home sick a couple of weeks back, my wife decided to build 31081 Modular Skate House to keep them entertained.

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