Lego 31079 – Sunshine Surfer Van

Its been a while since my last review, so I’m going to continue the series after a rather work-intense summer with a real treat.

Camping is a constant topic in numerous Lego sets and while I’m not a big camping fan those sets are usually nice to build and equally nice to play with. So lets find out how 31079 Sunshine Surfer Van fares.

The build is relatively simple yet a very enjoyable one. The camper van is packed with details and as a result its really fun to see this set coming together.

The van is a nice rendition of the famous VW bus in a fresh color scheme that makes you think of summer right away. However what really sets aside this set is the amount of details the designer was able to pack into it.

The interior includes everything you might need in a camping van and as a result allows for great playability. However camping is all about enjoying the outdoors and the set comes with working camping chairs, a table and a bbq to enjoy some outdoor cooking. One of the chairs even comes with an attachable parasol.

We built this set at the beginning of summer and it quickly became one of our favourite play sets. Its portable, packed with details and is a great starting point for any minifigure adventure.


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