Lego 31081 – Modular Skate House

Last year Lego introduced the Creator Modular line. It seems like the concept was well received as all Creator houses are modular in the current Lego catalogue (2018 January – June).

While I’m not entirely convinced about the building technique, most of the houses look great.

When my daughter had to stay home sick a couple of weeks back, my wife decided to build 31081 Modular Skate House to keep them entertained.

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Lego 31035 – Beach Hut

One of my favorite Lego themes is the Creator line. Its colorful, simple yet playfully detailed and usually even comes with official alternate builds.

A particular strong subset are the Creator houses. While I’m still undecided about the Creator Modular line introduced in 2017, I have collected most of the Creator houses since 2014.

31035 Beach Hut is a perfect example for such a great Creator house.

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