Lego 10401 – Rainbow Fun

This years 60th anniversary has brought us the Building Bigger Thinking sets. They are colorful, fun and supposed to inspire creativity.

10401 Rainbow Fun is the smallest set and therefore a good starting point to give the Building Bigger Thinking line a try.

The first thing you will notice is that the manual has a lot more in store than just the building instructions. While this is common in premium sets like Architecture and Creator Expert its a new trend in the more basic sets like the Classic theme. Lego started including more background information and alternate ideas in last years Classic Creative Boxes and continues along that road with the Building Bigger Thinking line.

After completing the instructions you have a unicorn, rainbow, plane and remote controlled car. All four builds are straight-forward and simple, so an ideal starting point for young builders.

Its usual to receive a couple of small spare parts with your Lego sets, but the Building Better Thinking line extends this concept with a lot of additional parts. The idea is to keep you building and move from following instructions to building your own creations.

While I’m not particularly creative I just had to use some of the parts. So before I knew it I moved from extending/modifying the existing builds to taking them apart and building even bigger models from my imagination.


I would definitely recommend Rainbow Fun – its colorful, fun and inspires building your own creations.


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