Lego SW911618 – Flash Speeder

As discussed in my previous post Blue Ocean is currently selling off their old issues. While I didn’t own the first issue of my surprise bundle, I already owned the other issue. Since I haven’t come around building it the second copy is my welcome excuse to do so.

So without further ado lets have a look at Star Wars Magazine 18 released December 2016 accompanied by SW911618 Flash Speeder.

The build is simple, but incorporates a lot of detail for such a small set. I quite like this little speeder, which is a bit surprising to me, as I didn’t like its big brother 75091 Flash Speeder. In this case the limitations of size actually gave us a longer hood and therefore a more aggressive look – much appreciated. Also the green is a rather welcome change to the shades of grey usually seen in Star Wars vessels.


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