Lego 42033 – Record Breaker

In 2013 Lego introduced a series of small Lego Technic vehicles build around a pullback motor. Since then Lego released two such sets every year and I think most of them are brilliant.

42033 Record Breaker started off as a little present from my wife in December of 2015. Little did she know that this would bring me out of my dark ages and get me hooked on bricks.

The build is simple and therefore well suited to introduce beginners to the Lego Technic range. The little racer is very sturdy and will survive serious play (including crashes) without any problems.

Just like the salt lake racers its based upon the vehicle is really long but quite narrow. At first I wasn’t too sure about the looks, but they definitely grew on me. However the real party piece is the pullback motor: It still works great after more than two years and its very hard to resist playing with it.


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